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May 2020

Piroto Labelling play their part in COVID-19 testing

Piroto Labelling play their part in COVID-19 testing

Piroto Labelling has developed a laminated record card with integrated labels in record time as part of a worldwide collaboration to help increase COVID-19 testing capacity in the UK.

Diagnostics for the Real World (DRW), a spin-off company from the Diagnostics Development Unit at Cambridge University, developed the SAMBA II diagnostics machine for testing in the field. The beauty of the SAMBA II is that it enables while-you-wait testing, thus speeding up important diagnostics for patients and key workers in the current pandemic.

As part of the traceability system for COVID-19 swab samples, Piroto were asked to produce a sophisticated card that ensured test samples and patient details were matched.

In order to meet the vital requirement Piroto co-ordinated an urgent response. The Piroto customer team consulted closely with DRW to ensure a solution could be found quickly. The technical team worked with two separate label material suppliers to meet demand, as well as with their rotary die provider to deliver tooling urgently.

The card specification was complex as it needed to achieve a number of functions. The card accommodates the test tube containing the swab sample, ensuring that it remains in an upright position. It also contains a QR and unique number code for patient tracking. Plus, it incorporates three individual adhesive labels, each bearing with the same unique code, that are attached to the test tube sample and the test documentation to maintain full traceability.

Thanks to the collaboration and urgency of all parties, the cards were manufactured at top speed and supplied to DRW in California and in the UK to help get key workers back to work safely as soon as possible.

Image credit: @CUH

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