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BPF Labels works with leading converters and industry suppliers to produce good manufacturing practice guides. The guides are issued free to Members and are updated as required to reflect current best practice.

Two guides are in current circulation, one covering the printing of labels and related packaging for the food, drinks and the sensitive product sectors. This is effectively a management tool for the minimisation of migration, organoleptic changes and contamination.

This guide is developed for companies which manufacture labels and related packaging products, intended to come into contact with food, or that could be brought into contact with food, or that could be the source of chemical migration into food. Contact with food covers intimate contact, direct, indirect and transient contact. The traditional approach of primary and secondary packaging is no longer applicable.

Good Manufacturing Practice Guide

Narrow web converters

The narrow web manufacturing guide covers best practice for self-adhesive label and narrow web converters This publication contains guidelines on "best practice" in label and narrow web printing.

It is based on occupational health and safety. It is aimed towards, employers, managers and specialists, as well as all employees and suppliers engaged in the sector. The aim of the guide is to inform about the safe use of solvents and, where possible, their substitution as well as the and proper use of UV inks.

It also seeks to address key health and safety issues. It also describes the requirements for explosion protection and the technical safety measures to be implemented when designing workplaces for label printing. In addition to the industry solutions described, the guide also gives practical advice for determining hazards and assessing risks.

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